Young Chefs From Around Germany Meet for Sustainable Cooking Competitions

Potato rösti with beetroot, rich and creamy hummus, and topped with apples and walnuts; pumpkin rye risotto; pierogi with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms – these are some of the dishes that young chefs from around Germany prepared as part of regional cooking competitions organised by our KochCup project. Running ahead of and during the European Men’s Football Championship 2024, the goal of the project is to inspire and help mainstream healthy and sustainable food within the sports realm and beyond.

As part of the project, young chefs presented their competing recipes during four preliminary rounds in September and November 2023 in regional contests in Kiel, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen and Halle (Saale). The top three contestants (or teams) of each round will move ahead to the final competition scheduled for March 2024 in Berlin. Selected recipes will be presented to broader audiences as part of activities in the host cities of EURO 2024.

The on-site jury, consisting of chefs, dieticians, nutrition scientists, food bloggers and cooking influencers, selected the finalists based on taste, presentation, and cooking techniques. Before the recipes made it to the regional contests, they were evaluated based on a set of criteria, including if the ingredients were seasonal, regional, and predominantly plant-based and organic. Moreover, recipes were also screened regarding how easily they could be cooked in home conditions.

“You can learn a lot through a competition like this as it is not only about how a recipe tastes or how you present it on a plate. Rather, it is about considering its impact on the planet and on our health.”, one participant shared.

As a next step, all twelve finalists will have the opportunity to fine-tune their dishes and cooking skills in online coaching sessions with experienced chefs.

In addition, the finalists will have the opportunity to present their recipes online and collect extra points for the final in an online community voting beginning in 2024. The KochCup project is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection (BMUV).

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Wiegard.