The Lifestyle Test is Launched: Inspiring Europeans to Lead more Positive and Sustainable Lifestyles!

In our daily life we constantly interact with our housing, mobility, food and general infrastructural environments and consume a variety of products and services that define the impact we have on nature, our wellbeing, and society itself. The extent of this impact depends both on how these products and services have been produced as well on the way we consume them.

Beyond the need for more sustainable and resource-efficient production systems, improving consumption practices is one of the main sustainability goals of today, as reflected in the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal.

Already in its first version, the newly launched Lifestyle Test is helping residents of eight European countries – Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, and Turkey – lead more positive and sustainable lifestyles. Available in local languages, the free web app encourages individuals to adopt sustainable and healthier lifestyles and helps them reduce their environmental impact.

By taking the Lifestyle Test, individuals can see their daily impact on the environment and get inspired via tailored tips on lifestyle choices. More specifically, users are guided through a quick, easy, and accurate test to determine their lifestyle’s impact on the climate. Based on the test results, they can create individual plans on how to reduce their footprint and live more sustainably.

Their answers and choices are also fed into an anonymous data pool that will help decision makers drive change across society, as lifestyle choices should be enabled via changes in policies, institutions, infrastructures, and businesses.

The Lifestyle Test is co-created by the EU Horizon 2020 PSLifestyle project team and European residents, who engaged in a series of workshops hosted in the eight pilot countries. Through the Living Labs, participants engaged with other locals in their communities and were able to help design the Lifestyle Test by assessing its features and country-specific lifestyle suggestions. This has led to an arrway of suggestions that reflects the local realities of European residents.

Besides its benefits for individuals, the Lifestyle Test holds potential to increase the sustainability efforts in different organisations, municipalities, companies, schools and similar. This by inspiring motivation for change and producing insights on opportunities and limitations for lifestyle changes in specific groups / audiences e.g., inhabitants of a city, customers of a company, students of a university.

Therefore, currently the project team and involved stakeholders are looking for new collaborations on how to expand the Lifestyle Test to such establishments.

For further questions, please contact Arlind Xhelili.