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| Posted May 2, 2024

Be Part of the Next Food Transformation: Join our LIKE A PRO Workshop on 24 May in Wuppertal!

Despite growing enthusiasm for novel alternative proteins, over 90% of Europeans* still rely on conventional protein sources such as meat and related products. Our LIKE A PRO project is on a mission to change dominant dietary patterns in Europe toward healthier and more sustainable ones. The project has brought together key stakeholders to develop 7 […]

| Posted April 10, 2024

Together for Biodiversity: Visit the UBi Project at the “Woche der Umwelt” on 4-5 June 2024 in Berlin!

Biodiversity is the beating heart of the ecosystems that make our life on Earth possible. Despite its critical role, biodiversity is under threat. Species are rapidly disappearing, habitats are vanishing, and essential natural processes are being disrupted. As society and the economy are highly dependent on natural services, protecting biodiversity is not only a moral […]

| Posted March 19, 2024

Collaborating to Transform Food Consumption Patterns: Join the LIKE-A-PRO Living Labs!

Current dietary patterns of European citizens are not in sync with sustainability and climate neutrality principles. This adds to pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges, including elevated health risks. Endeavours to alter the trend and shift toward healthier and more sustainable diets are not broad enough and often too slow-paced. On a production level, the […]