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| Posted November 2, 2021

Your Opinion Wanted: Take the Dialogue Forum Survey on Upcycled Food Products

Chocolate made from confectionery production scraps? Dumplings made from bakeries’ breadcrumbs? Such upcycled products are the result of food rescue, the process of gleaning edible food that would otherwise be discarded. Start-ups and retailers in Germany are looking for consumer feedback in order to identify challenges and opportunities related to the offering of upcycled products. […]

| Posted November 2, 2021

A New Start for the City of Solingen: The “Gläserne Werkstatt” Opens Its Doors

Located at the heart of the Solingen city centre, the Gläserne Werkstatt is a showcase and lively marketplace for high-quality and sustainable products and services developed and produced in the region. In what is still an ongoing construction site, first events are running and the project calls on companies and manufacturers to promote their sustainable […]