Chocolate made from confectionery production scraps? Dumplings made from bakeries’ breadcrumbs? Such upcycled products are the result of food rescue, the process of gleaning edible food that would otherwise be discarded. Start-ups and retailers in Germany are looking for consumer feedback in order to identify challenges and opportunities related to the offering of upcycled products. Take the survey and contribute to reduce food waste!

As part of the Dialogue Forum for the Reduction of Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail, innovative products from young start-ups in the field of food rescue are given central stage at the “Retterregal” (Rescue Shelf) in the sustainability experience market PENNY Grüner Weg, Berlin. Such start-ups are implementing innovative solutions to rescue food whose quality is impeccable, but which is usually wasted due to inefficient supply chains, wasteful production processes, or simply because products don’t look as nice visually.

The survey aims to collect consumer feedback in order to increase and improve the acceptability of upcycled products. Findings of the survey will support start-ups, retailers, but also decision-makers to advance current solutions and generate new ones in the field of food rescue and beyond.

By taking part in the survey (in German), you can make a direct contribution to gaining further insights into how food waste can be sensibly reduced!

The National Dialogue Forum for Reduction of Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail Industry is carried out by the CSCP in collaboration with the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut.

For further information, please contact Nora Brüggemann.

Located at the heart of the Solingen city centre, the Gläserne Werkstatt is a showcase and lively marketplace for high-quality and sustainable products and services developed and produced in the region. In what is still an ongoing construction site, first events are running and the project calls on companies and manufacturers to promote their sustainable products in the Gläserne Werkstatt spaces.

Each Thursday in 2021, the “Construction Site Truck” (Bau-Wagen), will give visitors the chance to get inspired and be informed about interesting, innovative, and sustainable products and services from Solingen and its surrounding area. The team will be on the site to answer questions, collect feedback and brainstorm on new ideas.

Event: Bau-Wagen
Date: Each Thursday in 2021
Time: 12:00-15:00
Place: Hauptstraße 61-63, Solingen
Cost: Free
Language: German

You can find further information here.

The project is planning to use the Gläserne Werkstatt space for presentations, demonstrations, experiments, and exchanges between producers and service providers and visitors. The space brings together traditional companies, local manufacturers, different production and service companies, developers, and start-ups under one roof. The common thread that links everything together: It’s all about “cutting”. In the Gläserne Werkstatt visitors can find knives, scissors and cutlery but also enjoy sustainably-sourced and produced food, textiles, and flowers.

The CSCP is focused on stakeholder engagement to ensure that the Gläserne Werkstatt is an inclusive place. In addition, the CSCP supports the project in selecting suitable criteria for companies and associations that wish to present themselves at the Gläserne Werkstatt. The space offers 16 mobile cubes, which companies and manufacturers can rent to promote their sustainable products. During the funding phase until the end of 2022, the cubes are available free of charge. If you are are a company or association in the Bergische Städtedreieck and interested in getting a cube at the Gläserne Werkstatt to promote your sustainable products or services, please visit the project’s website.

The Gläserne Werkstatt is a joint initiative of the city of Solingen, the Wirtschaftsförderung (Economic Development Agency), the Handelsverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (Trade Association NRW), the Forum für Soziale Innovationen (Forum for Social Innovation) and the CSCP.

The project „Urbane Produktion im Bergischen Städtedreieck – Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, Innovation, Quartiersentwicklung /Die Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen – Produzieren, Partizipieren und Profitieren im Bergischen Städtedreieck” (“Urban Production in the Bergisches Städtedreieck – Competitiveness, Innovation and City Quarter Development”/Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen – Producing, Participating, Profiting”) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

For further questions, please contact Stephan Schaller.