The CSCP and Its Partners Developed the Handprint – a Tool for Measuring Positive Sustainability Impacts of Products

Assessing our footprint is key but there is more to explore! What about the positive impacts we are having on people and the planet? These actions are where the Handprint comes in: The Handprint is a new perspective on sustainability. It represents the positive contributions organisations and companies make towards a sustainable future. The project that developed the handprint tool has just concluded.

Together with our partners, the CSCP has developed a methodology to translate the handprint concept into a tool that provides tangible results. These results will allow you to minimize your footprint while maximizing your ecological, economic, and social handprint giving you a holistic view of your impact. The methodology provides several key advantages:

It shows the entire life-cycle possibilities and full, transparent accountability of your actions. It identifies the innovative aspects of your products or services and new sustainable business models for your organisation.

At the same time, it creates added value that strengthens your organisation’s reputation and recognition with stakeholders —and that includes your customers! It will also help your employees find pride and meaning in their work enhancing their commitment to your organisation.

Finally, the Handprint also connects your organisation’s vision with the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals; supporting your brand and products to be resilient for the future.

For a brief introduction on the Handprint approach:


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For a more comprehensive introduction, visit We have recently published our final project report, which you can read here.

An interactive workshop on application possibilities and tangible Handprint benefits will be conducted on 16 May at the CSCP in Wuppertal, please check our upcoming events soon for more details.

For further questions, please contact Cristina Fedato.