Mongolia’s Transition Toward Sustainable Fibres and Textiles – Meet us at the Première Vision Exhibition in Paris from 5 to 7 July 2022!

As a global leader in high quality natural fibres, the Mongolian wool and cashmere sector is a pillar of the country’s economy. Within the CSCP’s STeP-EcoLab project we worked closely with relevant local actors to improve the sustainability of Mongolian fibres and textiles and to make such improvements visible to European consumers. Highlights from our collaborative work will be presented at the Première Vision in Paris, one of the most important exhibitions for luxury textiles on a global level. Meet us there from 5 to 7 July 2022!

Nomadic livestock herding is the backbone of Mongolia’s cashmere production. However, due to a general lack of sustainability standards and criteria, the livelihoods of many herders and the overall ecosystem are threatened by increasing overgrazing, deforestation, and erosion.

The STeP EcoLab Mongolia project focuses on equipping Mongolian cashmere farmers with relevant know-how on social and environmental standards as well as supporting them with implementation.

In order to improve the industry’s sustainability performance in the long term, a Voluntary Code of Practice was first developed with industry stakeholders. The document was signed by 18 companies, including leading Mongolian wool and cashmere producers. The aim of the Code of Practice was to increase the sustainability of cashmere production as well as to adjust business models according to European sustainability standards.

To ensure that the roadmap defined within the code leads to more sustainable value chains, the STeP EcoLab project has been working on improving the acceptance of the new practices in the market. The project team has collaborated closely with relevant stakeholders in developing a label for communicating the efforts of Mongolian cashmere producers to European consumers.

For the first time, key Mongolian stakeholders from the wool and cashmere sector have joined forces to showcase their work at the Première Vision Exhibition in Paris as one entity. The Mongolian Noble Fibre booth will provide information on the country’s efforts to create a traceable, responsible, and ethical value chain for luxury fibres and textiles.

Event: Première Vision Exhibition Paris
Date: 5-7 July 2022
Place: Maison de la Mutualité (Paris), Manufacturing Hall, Booth 6N32

To visit the exhibition, please register here.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of our collaborative work with Mongolian cashmere and wool producers.


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The STeP EcoLab project is funded by the Switch-Asia Programme and focuses on brining value to the Mongolian cashmere and wool sector through sustainability.

For further information, please contact Pawel Zylka.