The ROOTS Policy Initiative: Circular Policies to Change the Biowaste System

Innovative approaches such as circular biobased value chains are only useful if they can be successfully implemented. The CSCP is working intensively toward enabling such practices. A key part of this is shaping legislation and informing policy makers.

The HOOP and SCALIBUR projects as well as three other projects working on urban circular bioeconomies have joined forces to make change happen on the policy and regulatory level starting at the EU-level. The ROOTS (circular pOlicies for changing the biOwasTe System) initiative connects cities, regions, researchers, and innovators that are involved in the innovative processes of the projects.

As a first step, the ROOTS group published a position paper focusing on a total of seven fields of action that require revision in terms of policy. From the usage of insects in food to behavioural aspects, the covered topics showcase not only the need for policy change, but also the complexity and potential of circular bioeconomies.

Based on the position paper, the ROOTS initiative hosted an open policy conference in September 2022 to start the dialogue between policy makers and those who are affected by policy.

The CSCP – being responsible for the stakeholder engagement in two of the five ROOTS projects – also contributed its learnings to the conference. For example, the need to involve citizens at all stages of the bio-based value chains, fostering cooperation and co-creation, or the need to replicate promising practises on all levels were among the presented cornerstones of what will be needed. For further details, the presentations and the of the conference recording are available online.

In the SCALIBUR publication, Policy Brief on European Policies for a Circular Bioeconomy, readers can learn about resource-centred thinking, the importance of involving stakeholders in the process, and how policy and legislation play a vital role in fostering circular urban bioeconomies throughout Europe.

The CSCP’s work toward responsible bio-resource use and Circular Economy will continue in the SCALIBUR sister project HOOP, the new bioeconomy project CEE2ACT, and the related food-waste project CHORIZO.

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