Watch Our Webinar “Putting Solutions on the Table: Approaches and Interventions for More Sustainable Food Consumption Behaviours”

Over 90 participants joined the Valumics webinar on 16 July 2020 which focused on the main food consumption targets at the EU level as well as related challenges and opportunities in achieving them.

The webinar, an interactive session hosted by the CSCP with the participation of Valumics partners and field experts, focused on these questions:

  • How to move towards healthier and more sustainable food consumption in view of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy?
  • Which sustainable food consumption targets lie ahead?
  • How can food consumption behaviours and solution-oriented interventions trigger a shift towards a more sustainable future?
  • How are these behavioural interventions applied in real life contexts and what might we learn from them?

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Expert speakers and key notes:

Henk Westhoek, DG SANTE, European Commission, provided an overview on the recently published EU Farm to Fork Strategy, emphasizing the need for integrated approaches that combine different levels of governance and the usage of multiple instruments.

Pierre Marie Aubert, IDDRI, spoke about food consumption impact reduction targets for 2050, highlighting that “there is a clear benefit from a health and environmental perspective” in reducing the animal protein intake and increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Mariana Nicolau, CSCP, shared key insights based on the VALUMICS work about what drives food consumption behaviours in the EU. Nicolau emphasized the usefulness of mapping behaviours with a behavioural model in order to focus on what exactly needs to change, rather than jumping straight into how to change things.

Matthew Gorton, Newcastle University, discussed current  promising interventions that have the potential to drive more sustainable food consumption behaviours.

Antonella Samoggia, University of Bologna, spoke about the key recommendations that the VALUMICS project is currently preparing in support of food consumption impact reduction goals.

The speaker slides are available here.

The webinar was concluded with a lively Q&A between participants and the expert panel. A selection of questions and answers is available here.

The webinar ‘Putting Solutions on the Table: Approaches and Interventions for More Sustainable Food Consumption Behaviours’ was held within the framework of the VALUMICS project.

VALUMICS focuses on food system dynamics and is a multi-stakeholder consortium funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

For further information, please contact Mariana Nicolau.