Listen to our Latest Academy of Change Podcast: Behaviour Change Projects in Action

What does it take to implement behaviour change interventions in different contexts? For example, how does an intervention to promote shorter showers differ from one focused on boosting e-bike use? What can be learnt from one or the other? In this Academy of Change special podcast, listen to our discussion with the Catalyst project leads, one year after the start of their pilot projects.

As a follow up to our Academy of Change (AoC), we started the Catalyst programme to work with a group of AoC participants and support them to integrate behaviour change methods into their work. Three participating organisations had the chance to have their pilot projects funded and implement behavioural knowledge in practice. Hespul in France implemented a project on shorter showers, CEED in Bulgaria worked on a project to promote more e-bikes as a mode of daily commute, while RARE in the US focused on supporting sustainable fishing.

One year later, Maïté Garnier (Hespul), Nadya Tasheva (CEED) and Claudia Quintanilla (RARE) sat together with Rosa Strube, head of the Sustainable Lifestyles team at the CSCP and Rob Moore from Behaviour Change to discuss the highlights of their work.

In a vivid discussion, they share how the chosen behaviour change methods worked in their context, how they used behavioural models to identify barriers and the role that co-creation played in the scoping of the best intervention points for their projects. A broad range of topics from how to engage relevant stakeholders and adapt to changing circumstances of a pandemic through to techniques for analysing impact are discussed in the podcast.

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To read about the three behaviour change interventions in more detail, please check out the respective reports. To learn more about behaviour change interventions and how to use them to increase impact, please visit our Academy of Change website.

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