Three Behaviour Change Interventions in Practice: A Report Series

The Academy of Change is an evidence-based capacity building programme on sustainable behaviour change designed for leaders working on climate change and sustainability engagement within the civil society organisations (CSO) sector. The Catalyst programme built upon AoC by accelerating the integration and use of sustainable behaviour change know-how within CSOs at the organisation level.

The Catalyst programme offered tailor-made knowledge, tools, and support in designing interventions as well as CSOs peer exchange. The three selected projects from three different organisations received funding and support from the Academy of Change team to design, implement, and evaluate a chosen behaviour change intervention in their organisation.

This series of reports shares the journeys of the pilot projects, through gathering insights and designing their intervention to evaluating the resulting behaviour change outcomes and impacts.

The series includes three reports on the following topics:

  • Increasing e-bike commuting in “BIKEmode: From cars to e-bikes”, CEED Bulgaria
  • Supporting communities to collect fishing data in “Maintaining OurFish app use”, Rare, US
  • Gamifying water use reductions with students in “Game of Showers”, Hespul, France

To download the full reports, please go to our library. Also, for a candid account on what it means to implement behaviour change interventions, listen to our conversation with the pilot project leads in this Catalyst podcast.

For details on behaviour change from insights to implementation and evaluation, please go to our Academy of Change website.

For further question, please contact Rosalyn Old .