Register now for the #InheritYourFuture FORUM in Vienna on 21 November 2018

What will the future of transportation look like? How will we stay healthy, and how can we keep our environment healthy as well? Together, we can imagine a future that serves us in different ways and design the necessary policies, actions, products and services to get there. #InheritYourFuture is a European exchange of ideas on promising practices that will lead us to live, move and consume in a way that protects the environment and promotes health and equity (the INHERIT triple-win).

Once we have figured out which policies, actions, products and services are right, we must ask how we can ensure that they reach the most vulnerable members of our societies? How can different sectors work together to better deliver systemic change?

These are the questions that will be central to the #InheritYourFuture Forum,  where participants will showcase inspiring examples of initiatives that can enable and encourage people to live and behave in ways that improve the environment and their health. They will discuss how these initiatives can be strengthened to contribute to the ‘triple-win’, the opportunities and barriers to ‘mainstreaming’ good ideas and how the barriers can be overcome to pave the way to more sustainable lifestyles and behaviours.

At the forum, our colleague and INHERIT project manager, Rosa Strube, will present the four illustrative future scenarios of healthy, sustainable and happy European Societies, which were mainly developed by the CSCP. Behavioural patterns in those future scenarios range from remembering old receipts to return to cooking with regional ingredients to engaging in outdoor exercises in the park to receive points from health insurance. Videos of these future scenarios will be presented to a broader audience during the conference. Moreover, Rosa will also present citizens’ perceptions and insights in relation to these future scenarios and respective context, collected through a focus group exercise conducted in five different European countries.

The Forum will focus on the areas of sustainable diets, active transport, green space in cities and energy efficient housing. We invite all those who are interested in transitioning to more sustainable EU societies, particularly policy makers and those that seek to influence and advise them, as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs active in these areas, to take part in the exchange and the discussions. To get an initial understanding of what can you expect from the forum, please take a look at the preliminary agenda.

The event will provide the opportunity for an exchange at the European level as a pre-event for the EU Presidency conference on “People’s Food – People’s Health”.

Date and time: 21 November 2018, 9:30am – 5pm

Location: Vienna, Austria

The event will be held in English.

Registration required. Find detailed information and the registration procedure for the event here.

Please contact Rosa Strube, if you have further questions.