The LIKE A PRO Project Invites Experts to Join Workshop on Consumer Acceptance of Alternative Proteins

Alternative proteins are on the rise, but what is needed to increase consumer acceptance of products made up of mealworm, krill or microbial proteins? The first LIKE A PRO digital workshop in Germany on 9 November 2023 will discuss relevant factors and co-create maps of interlinkages with experts from relevant sectors.

The CSCP invites stakeholders from different sectors, including industry, academia, policy and civil society to join the workshop and discuss acceptance barriers to alternative proteins and potential solutions. In the project, we look at proteins from alternative sources such as rapeseed, mealworm, krill, microbial protein, cultivated fungus, fermented mushroom and pea. This will serve as a basis for the discussion during the workshop.

The aim of the interactive workshop is to define factors that influence consumer decision making in relation to alternative proteins and put these factors in relation to each other. In the workshop, we will jointly develop so-called causal loop diagrams that bundle and visually reflect interrelationships.

By participating in the workshop, experts will gain new insights into the dynamic topic of alternative proteins and expand their network with other actors in the field. The workshop will also give participants the opportunity to learn about the first scientific findings of the LIKE A PRO project on consumer acceptance of new alternative products and the influence of different food environments in which products are consumed.

The workshop is part of the EU-funded project LIKE A PRO, which aims to foster sustainable and healthy diets by moving promising alternative proteins and products from the niche to the mainstream. It aims to do so by making them more available, accessible and acceptable to all segments of the population.

The workshop will be conducted in parallel in a total of 13 European countries. The resulting findings will be used to develop policy recommendations for the European Commission.

You can express your interest in joining the workshop by sending an email to Rosa Strube by 10 October 2023. Places are limited so that we can ensure sufficient time for discussions. Further details and the agenda will be shared with the participants ahead of the workshop.

Event: LIKE A PRO workshop
Date: 9 November 2023
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 CET
Place: Online
Language: German
Cost: Free of charge

The LIKE A PRO project is funded under the EU Horizon Europe Programme and will run from 2022-2026.

For further questions, please contact Arlind Xhelili.

Photo by Emma-Jane Hobden on Unsplash.