Introducing Mission Green for Vodafone Germany Employees

The CSCP supports Vodafone Germany in the development of sustainable lifestyle activities as part of its innovative Mission Green employee engagement programme for approximately 16,000 employees throughout Germany.

Going on business trips, commuting to work or having lunch at the canteen. Employee behaviour both at work and at home contributes to carbon emissions, and therefore presents huge potential for reducing the carbon footprint of both a company, as well as the individual members of staff. At the same time, employees who are motivated to make a difference for sustainability in their own life are also more likely to drive new sustainability actions and innovations in the workplace.

As a scientific and implementation partner, the CSCP has supported the development of Vodafone’s Mission Green programme with its expertise on sustainable behaviours and guidance in behavioural change, while the Wuppertal Institute has provided estimations for carbon emission savings related to each action.

Mission Green started in October 2019 with an eight week kick-off phase, followed by a one year consolidation phase. Through the programme, Vodafone employees learn everything about their personal CO2 footprint and how to reduce it by participating in a wide range of activities. The approach is to raise awareness on sustainable lifestyles and encourage behavioural change. Employees can take part in over 40 missions in the categories Mobility & Travel, Nutrition & Health, Shopping & Consumption, Housing & Energy and Nature & Leisure via an app developed for this purpose. Suggestions from the app include; Riding a bicycle to work, eating vegan food or setting up a video conference instead of flying to a meeting – everything helps to reduce the personal CO2 budget. In addition, there are lots of interesting facts, as well as tips and tricks, to make everyday life more environmentally conscious. In addition, the company helps its employees with a variety of other offers: from company bicycle leasing and car sharing to subsidies for public transport tickets. If flights are unavoidable, the company will soon offset the CO2 emitted. Weekly actions on the Vodafone campus support the missions, including the presentation of low carbon alternatives by cooperation partners like electric scooter manufacturers, farmers from the region or e-bike suppliers.

“We have set ourselves ambitious goals when it comes to sustainability. We are significantly increasing our pace on the road to becoming a green company”, says Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany. The ‘Mission Green’ is part of ‘GIGA Green’, a supporting pillar of the corporate strategy. The declared goal: Vodafone wants to become a green company. This is based on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2022, the company aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 92%.

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