Introducing Green Horticulture at Lake Naivasha in Kenya: A Local and International Market Analysis

The report introduces key findings from two distinct studies. The first study, conducted by our GOALAN project partner WWF-Kenya, focuses on Kenya’s local market and highlights the steady rise in the production, local consumption and marketed quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV), although demand still surpasses supply. The study points out that despite new opportunities, such as for niche markets, there are still many challenges that force micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to become price-takers, putting them at a disadvantage. The second study, conducted by the CSCP, presents the analysis of international markets for FFV, with a particular focus on the European market trends, opportunities, accessibility for Kenyan producers and related standards. It points to the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food in Europe that has triggered increased volumes of imported FFV from non-EU countries, including Kenya. However, the study also highlights that the stringent health, safety and quality regulations as well as other non-legal and common requirements alongside consumers’ expectations, can currently be met by only a few Kenyan MSMEs. With its two distinct studies, the report emphasises the need to offer further training and capacity building to Kenyan MSMEs, improve access to finance, establish the necessary infrastructure, and develop policies that facilitate sustainable value chains.