Our REIF Project: How Artificial Intelligence Can Save Food

The complexity of the food industry has so far been a hurdle to food waste reduction. On the positive side, due to this complexity, the food industry generates an above-average amount of data that can now be harnessed through disruptive approaches such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through the digital marketplace, the REIF project wants to enable a value-added network for the food industry to create synergies and use AI in ways that benefit the industry, the environment, and society alike.

The AI services offered on the marketplace, can help actors implement various measures for the respective value-added stages along the entire supply chain. For example, retailers can apply optimised machine control or dynamic pricing systems to prevent waste. In addition, AI services can facilitate communication between actors and enable efficient exchange flows on forecasts and analyses.

The REIF digital marketplace also includes various options such as sales forecasts based on weather data, holiday-related information or economic expectations. This allows the prices of goods with a relevant best-before date to be calculated dynamically and their waste at the retail point to be significantly reduced due to timely sales.

Ultimately, AI ​​supports decision making as to which products should be produced, in what order and in what quantities. The mixing of ingredients can also be controlled in a more resource-saving and targeted manner in order to further reduce food waste by increasing the best before date and product quality.

As part of the REIF consortium, the CSCP has worked on positioning the AI marketplace as a powerful platform to combat food waste among key stakeholders.

Watch our explainer video to learn how the REIF project places AI as an enabler for less waste and more sustainability in the food sector.


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For additional information on how REIF is supporting users, suppliers and experts to network, find suggestions, and tackle food waste with the help of AI, please visit the project website.

The REIF project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

For additional questions, please contact Nicolas Barthelmé.