How to Build Value Networks: Join Our WertNetzWerke Webinar on 18 April 2024!

Value networks are dynamic systems within and between organisations that aim to invent, develop, and successfully market innovations that create value for all parties involved. They hold great potential for companies seeking to achieve economies of scale, reach new markets, or increase their impact. But what does it take to build value networks that sustain over time and go beyond short-term interests of particular partners? Our next Digital Centre WertNetzWerke webinar on 18 April 2024 will shed light on this topic – join us!

Value networks are based on mutual trust. By working together, partners create a system that allows each actor to specialise in what they do best, enabling efficient joint processing of tasks and strengthening individual skills and competences. These networks include both vertical relationships along the value chain, such as supplier relationships, and horizontal partnerships, such as strategic alliances. Innovation networks have been gaining in importance for several decades, particularly in high-tech sectors such as information technology (IT), biotechnology and microtechnology, which require rapid access to new knowledge and new technologies.

Our Digital Centre WertNetzWerke webinar “Fundamentals of inter-company business models – What can be learned from best practices” on 18 April 2024 focuses on how to build value networks in ways that benefit network partners and consumers, with insights from topic experts and business representatives.

At the webinar you can learn and exchange on the following topics:

Reciprocity in value networks: A long-term perspective and the intention to build lasting relationships increase the stability of collaboration and promote the willingness to make resources available between partners.

Trust in value networks: Mutual trust between partners is a fundamental mechanism as it reduces the complexity of collaborations: there is less need to conduct risk assessments, monitor, or control specific behaviours or actions of individual partners. 

Best ways to create trust in value networks: Mutual trust is based on shared norms, values, and positive expectations of what can be achieved by working together in the future. Transparency, openness and a willingness to compromise are important prerequisites. Reliability, self-organisation, and delivering on promises also build trust.

The CSCP will focus on the topic of “Trust & Reciprocity”, the Fraunhofer Centre for International Management and Knowledge Economy (IMW) will focus on “Basics of Cooperative Business Models”, and GS1 will cover the topic of “Inter-company Business Process Management”.

Event: “Fundamentals of inter-company business models – What can be learned from best practices”
Date: 18 April 2024
Time: 13:00-14:00 CEST
Place: Online
Language: German

For further insights into value network business models and best practices on trust and reciprocity in value networks, register now to join the webinar!

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