Sustainable & Digital into the Future – Don’t Miss Our Workshop Series 2 March – 4 May 2023!

Are you a German small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) interested in sustainable business and would like to advance the topic? In a series of nine workshops, as part of our WertNetzWerke competence centre, we dive deep into specific aspects of how to integrate sustainability into the day-to-day business through digital technologies. Don’t miss it – from 2 March to 4 May 2023!

WertNetzWerke operates under the umbrella of Mittelstand Digital, a network of competence centres funded by the German government to support digitalisation in SMEs. For the workshop series, WertNetzWerke teams-up with other competence centres to shed light on various aspects of the intersection between sustainability and digitalisation, providing overviews on current opportunities and challenges.

Topics of the workshop series

Topics such as energy and resource efficiency, sustainable and digital business models, circular economy, digital tools as enablers for sustainability in companies and social aspects of sustainability will be considered. The workshops will be held from 2 March to 4 May 2023, each Thursday at 16:00-18:00 CEST.

Dates & topics:

All workshops will be conducted online. Join us by registering here!

For further questions, please contact Thomas Wagner.