“Sustainable & Digital into the Future” – Supporting Companies to Become Circular Through Digital Tools

Legal requirements such as the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), the right to repair, and the EU Regulation on Packaging require small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in many sectors to become more circular. In addition, by endorsing Circular Economy principles, companies can save resources, reduce their carbon footprint, and develop new business models that make them future-proof.

In the workshops series “Sustainable and Digital into the Future” as part of the WertNetzWerke digital centre, Marianne Magnus-Melgar, Mike Tabel and Thomas Wagner explained how digital tools and processes can support SMEs to become more circular, and ultimately sustainable. Using practical examples and application-oriented methodologies, the participants learned about concrete strategies and implementation options to transfer to their companies.

During the workshops, the participants could access various tools and formats (in German) to support their circular endeavours:

A second similar workshop series will be held again in 2024. The WertNetzWerke digital centre offers trainings and events around the topics of Circular Economy and sustainable digitalisation regularly – take a look at the calendar and register for the next events now!

For additional questions, please contact Marianne Magnus-Melgar.

Photo Unsplash.